How 3 Simple "Military Survival Secrets"
Can Save Your Life During A Disaster!
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  • SECRET #1: The "5-Phase Mission Blueprint" that makes you the most prepared person on your block - even if you're older... out of shape... or just starting out with your emergency plan!
  • SECRET #2:"Prepping for pennies" - The fastest way to be ready for any crisis... without investing a fortune (and even if you're on a "fixed income")!
  • SECRET #3: The #1 mistake even "doomsday preppers" fall for when planning their survival gear! (This will get you KILLED in a real disaster!)
  • And Much, MUCH More!
Wednesday, March 8st
9 PM EST (NY Time)
1 Hour
About Your Host For The Workshop:
Jeff Anderson

Jeff Anderson is a 10-year combat vet, best-selling author, and preparedness consultant who trains citizens in how to prepare for any disaster, crisis, or collapse.

What Others Are Saying About The Training...

"What i liked best was that this training was based on real experience and has finally caused me to actually DO IT, rather than just keep collecting info across the internet. Although it is something i hope never to need, i would rather have it and not need it."

"After this training, I am now extremely happy with where I am in preparing my survival gear. The best thing from your program was setting a blueprint for understanding how to prepare for your particular environment and how to prepare based on your family's needs. Couldn't be happier!"

"Great! This information helped me cut out quite a bit of heavy s**t and save a ton of money at the same time.  And at 63 years old every pound and every dollar helps!"

Wednesday, March 8st
9 PM EST (NY Time)
1 Hour

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